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Awards in music

-Amnios- winner  of the Oscar Prize -Signorini – 2009 - XXVI edition dedicated to experimental-music videos- in tribute to Mac Spasciani.

- Eroina Fluida Parte Prima (Fluid Heroin Part One) - was one of the compositions chosen to be distributed to the Center of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona in the"Zeppelin'09. Sounds of Power / Listening of Fear "(December 2009)

Eroina Fluida Parte Prima - is the only Italian composition chosen for the TAO competition of TecnoNuclo Net Label (Barcelona) and has been published in the TAO compilation TecnoNucleo Net Label.

- In October 2008, his Hydra II composition was among the works chosen for the "FrammentAzioni Project" in Udine (716 compositions from 34 countries were submitted) and was performed at "Contemporanea 2008", the prestigious festival dedicated to contemporary music;